so since life moves fast with three kids, instagram has pretty much become my daily blog. but I still love this space for the ability to post all 50 photos of the three on my bed, after just sharing 1 on instagram. and also, videos. this is the best place for those. the one above was made with all my iphone clips smooshed together from june's first 4 weeks. and I've probably watched this video 100 times already. those newborn yawns and cries are my very favorite, and make me long for them to last just a little longer.

// video made with imovie, music by jack johnson



on wednesday, august 19th, we left in the car to drive up the coast of california with destination stops in
monterey, modesto, lodi, and san francisco… roadtrip!

a seven year old, a four year old, and a two month old.

three hotels in six days.

a rehearsal dinner and wedding, aquarium, cannery row, fisherman's wharf, 17 mile drive, pier39, crab house, painted ladies, golden gate, all of it! 1,200 miles later we made it back home with full hearts, and forever favorite moments.

// all video captured with iphone6 and a gopro cam



welcome baby
June Marie
born exactly on her due date
June 25, 2015 at 10:39pm
8 pounds 1.8 ounces
20.5 inches long

the sweetest addition to our home, to our family.

photos taken on June 27th, our first day home from the hospital. still cuddled in her hospital blanket.


that makes three babies with three blog birth announcements.




a sweet baby june cooking away at 20weeks, 30weeks, and 40weeks.

I somehow ended up with a bump grow series thanks to my many visits to the anthropologie dressing rooms and my favorite asos maternity dress.

and putting the pictures together reminded me so much of when I grew a baby graham, here.



oh hey blog, you've been quiet for a while.
it's been a long stretch since my last post,
january to june has been full of baby growing, graduations, birthdays.

currently, I'm balancing a laptop on my almost 40 week belly (pictured above) and waiting (not so) patiently for this baby to make her grand arrival (hopefully soon!).

by this time, both the boys were already here.
ewan came at 39 weeks and graham at 38 weeks.
so I fully expected the third to follow the same pattern.
but resting in God's perfect timing. as this whole pregnancy has been from the beginning.

i'm in the process of organizing all my photos on my computer and transferring everything off my phone so it's all fresh and ready for new baby photos. soooo, i'll be catching up on some blogging while i continue to play the baby waiting game.

due date in 3 days, weeee!